Life Skills

An ordinary classroom at St. Joseph Center has been transformed into a simulated work environment where students explore everything from office equipment, kitchen appliances and utensils, to carpentry tools and production processes.

As students learn new jobs and life skills, they have the opportunity to discover their interests and abilities. They work at their own pace. They learn to read instructions and work through problems. They also learn to work independently.

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Accredited by the Middle States Associate of Colleges and Schools

Business/Marketing – Participants collate, alphabetize, file information, numerically sort, type, learn a 10 key calculator, and run a cash register.

Construction/Industrial – Participants use measuring tools, shop saws, hand tools, hand tool, bolts, nails, and screws to complete basic metal, electrical, and wood projects.

Processing/Production – Participants complete bolt assembly, pipe assembly, and form design by using color recognition, visual perception, and cutting tools. Analog and digital time-telling skills are also reinforced.

Computer/Technology – Participants receive instruction in data entry, word processing, mailing technology, how to use email, information technology, information management, the use of PowerPoint, and digital photography.

Consumer/Service – Participants learn about cloth measurement, hand and machine sewing, food preparation, food measurement, food service, and the proper use of kitchen appliances. Housekeeping and custodial job skills are also presented and reinforced.