New Opportunities

Our Adult Day Program is a state-licensed Community Habilitation Program open to individuals age 21 and over who, due to functional level, are unable to join the workforce.

Each individual in the program is provided daily opportunities to expand their skills in such areas as communication, socialization, self-help, recreation, and spirituality. This is done by meeting each person at their current functionality level and providing varied input to strive for. Goals are determined by the staff, the individual’s family and caregivers, and county support coordinator through the office of Service Access Management (SAM.)

Individuals also venture beyond the bright and cheery room where the program is based to participate in the many building-wide happenings here at St. Joseph Center.

The program runs year-round Monday through Friday, 8 am until 3 pm (except specific holidays).

For more information or to arrange a visit, please contact us or your County Support Coordinator at SAM.