Scholarship Endowed Fund

Donors who wish to see their gifts provide a legacy to support a cause in perpetuity can do so through a scholarship endowed fund.

SJC currently has one scholarship endowed fund managed by the Catholic Foundation of Eastern Pennsylvania.  As this fund grows, so does the financial support provided to our students.

St. Joseph Center for Special Learning Scholarship Fund

The families of two special individuals who generously dedicated their time, talents, and treasures to support St. Joseph Center for Special Learning have provided initial funding for a scholarship fund in their memory to ensure their legacy will live on.

-Jacqueline Dorian was a volunteer at St. Joseph Center for Special Learning for many years prior to her passing in 2017. She assisted wherever needed, often reading stories, serving meals, or providing nursing care. Her heart for the students was treasured not only by them but also by the staff worked alongside her. Her husband and daughters were proud to honor Jackie by establishing this scholarship, as a way for Jackie’s legacy to live on into eternity.

-Mark Fanelli was an active member of the Board of Directors at St. Joseph Center for Special Learning. As a successful business owner in the Pottsville area, Mark was best known for his heart for children and his philanthropic efforts to organizations throughout the community. Mark loved and felt passionately about the adults and students at St. Joseph Center for Special Learning. After his passing in 2018, Mark’s family was honored to create this special scholarship.

To help the funds continue to grow, donations can be made directly to the fund through the Catholic Foundation of Eastern Pennsylvania.  Here are several financial assets that can be used to establish a scholarship endowed fund during a donor’s lifetime:

  • Cash gifts
  • Securities – Avoid capital gains by donating appreciated stocks to an endowment fund.
  • IRAs – An individual who is 70.5 years old or older may transfer up to $100,000 per year into an endowment fund without tax penalty.
  • 401Ks – Transfer monies from your 401K into an IRA to make a gift to an endowment.
  • Insurance Policies – Proceeds from a fully paid insurance policy may be donated to an endowment.
  • Insurance Policies or Investment Funds Beneficiary Designation – Include an endowment fund as a full or partial beneficiary.
  • Bequests – Include an endowment fund with the Catholic Foundation in your will or Trust documents.

To make a donation now – please click here.  Or, for more information on contributing to St. Joseph Center’s Scholarship Fund, please call Monica Walborn at 570-622-4638.