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Saint Joseph Center For Special Learning encourages volunteers to join us during the classroom projects as well as at special events. If you would like to volunteer, please contact us for more information.

The Family Guild is comprised of parents and family members of St. Joseph Center students. Each family has an annual fundraising obligation, which goes toward the school’s operating budget. The Family Guild conducts various sales throughout the year to enable families to fulfill this obligation.

Business executives across the state are taking advantage of Pennsylvania’s Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program (EITC) because it gives companies a way to keep their tax dollars local, and at the same time help deserving families provide the type of education they need for their child. Your tax credit donation to the Eastern Pennsylvania Scholarship Foundation (EPSF) of the Diocese of Allentown can provide partial need-based scholarships to deserving students attending SJC. 100% of all donations are awarded in scholarships!

Catholic education is important to many parents in Schuylkill County, but it is especially important for parents of children with special needs. The safe, nurturing, Christian environment at SJC acknowledges the dignity of all students while challenging them on a daily basis to develop their talents and reach their God-given potential.

Unfortunately, there are those parents who cannot afford full tuition and worry about being able to send and keep their child in the school of their choice. That is where the Eastern Pennsylvania Scholarship Foundation comes in, along with the help of area businesses like yours. Through the Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program, your company can apply for a 90% tax credit up to $200,000 per taxable year for a two year commitment when you make a donation to an approved scholarship organization. What a win-win situation for your company and Saint Joseph Center families!

For more information about this outstanding program, contact to Janis E. Geist, Program Manager, at (610) 866-0581, Ext. 3044, or

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Funding Our School

Thanks to all our friends that have donated to school fund to help parents who can not afford tuition. We’re almost at our goal for the year but we still need some help. Please consider donating today!



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