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Justin is an amazing student!  Justin has worked so extremely hard to hold his head up high and concentrate to command his leg muscles and joints to take steps in the weight-supported walker during his Conductive Education sessions.  We are so proud of you Justin!
Calie is an amazing student!  Calie works very hard to grasp wooden puzzle pieces to remove them from the puzzle.  Calie loves music and dancing!
Eduardo is an amazing student.  He is an outstanding helper in his classroom and the entire building.  He helps Mr. Smith by being the Assistant to the Principal to make decisions like when to serve ice cream!
Roan is an amazing student.  He has made phenomenal progress this year in math, and his time on task behavior has increased significantly during this past school year.
Teddy is an amazing student!  He is an extremely hard worker, and completed so many assignments without needing a lot of direction!  He loves to do independent work in class.
What a wonderful day to sit on the front porch.
Happy Independence Day from all of us at St. Joseph Center for Special Learning!  Great smile, Daisia!
Keith is an amazing student!  In addition to his growing culinary skills, Keith worked all year long on budgeting for the hot lunch program!
Liam is an amazing student.  Liam is our super speller and is an excellent reader!  Liam also worked so very hard this year on accepting changes to his routine!  Great work Liam!
Noah is an amazing student!  Throughout the 2016-2017 school year, Noah worked extremely hard to follow direction without resistance.  He made wonderful progress by the end of the year.  We can't wait to see the amazing things he will do during this coming school year!
Delaney is an amazing student!  During this school year, Delaney worked really hard at understanding that we need to do work before we can play.  She sat focused at her desk, completed her desk, and then could play!
Kristian is an amazing student!  He has made amazing progression with utilizing iPad learning apps. He is playing and learning at the same time!
Franki is an amazing student!  Franki enjoys recycling.  Here at school, he is encouraged to "throw" the plastic bottles in to the recycling bin - he is not allowed to throw at home!  He laughs the entire time when completing his job!
Tyler is an amazing student!  Tyler volunteered to read the scripture during Mass for most of the year!  He did a fantastic job, and wasn't nervous by the end of the year.
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